It is inevitable that at some point you will need the services of a solicitor, perhaps a motoring offence solicitor. In all cases, there are a few simple things to remember:-

1. When you first call a solicitor always have the details of your alleged offence or query to hand e.g. date of alleged offence, background to the alleged offence and dates of any future Court hearings;

2. Many solicitors, including ourselves, will offer a free initial telephone consultation following receipt of the necessary paperwork;

3. If we are instructed to represent you in relation to Court hearings and you are concerned about fees, it is imperative that you let your motoring offence solicitor know – we may be able to arrange a payment plan to suit you;

4. We will ask you to send to us any relevant papers that you have e.g. notice of Intended Prosecution, charge sheet, court summons or any other correspondence relating to your case;

5. You should provide us with details of any points on your licence or previous convictions as these will be relevant to the penalty that could be imposed if convicted of a motoring offence;

6. It’s a two way relationship. We will always keep you up to date with your case and if any of your circumstances change, please inform us immediately;

7. Do not hesitate to contact your solicitor at any time by e-mail or phone – we are here to answer your queries and, wherever possible, give you peace of mind;

8. If facing a potential driving disqualification, be prepared to be asked some personal questions about your health, income and domestic circumstances.

To talk to an experienced motoring offence solicitor, please call us now on 0800 4334 678.