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Drink drive charges can carry more serious consequences than simply a disqualification from driving. At the more severe end of the scale, they can carry a custodial sentence.

According to the most recent guidelines issued by the sentencing guidelines council, Courts should consider a custodial sentence where an alcohol reading exceeds 119ug/100ml of breath, 275mg/100ml of blood or 367mg/100ml of urine.

In cases where the reading relied upon is particularly high the priority may not be necessarily to avoid conviction but to avoid a custodial sentence. A very high reading may be a “red flag” signal which can be an indicator to a Court of an alcohol problem. We have years of experience of dealing with these kind of cases at Kenway Miller Solicitors.

In such circumstances, we aim to provide a sensitive and reaassuring presence at a time when our clients need us most. However bad the situation may seem, if a solution to the problem can be identified and put in place before the Court make its decision that can often reduce the possibility of a custodial sentence.

It gives us enormous satisfaction when we have helped change someone’s life for the better. Whether, it’s you that needs help or it’s a friend, spouse or partner we will provide a friendly voice on the end of a phone or even a shoulder to cry on. We’re available 24/7. so you don’t need to worry about what time to call us.

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