For many people, facing a drink driving charge or other related matter will be their first experience of the Court system.


Have you been arrested?


Been charged? Given a Court Date?


Not Charged? Bailed pending police enquires?

I’ve been charged with drink driving, what happens next?
After spending many hours or perhaps the whole night in a cell, you may have been charged and given a court hearing date. At the first hearing of your case,you will be expected to enter a plea. If you plead guilty the Court will proceed to sentence you for the offence. If you enter a not guilty plea then the case will be fixed for a trial at a future date.

What do I do next?
If you think your case is hopeless, think again. There are many ways in which a drink driving charge can be challenged. By taking advice from an expert as early as possible you will give yourself the best chance of avoiding conviction or walking away from Court with the lowest possible penalty.

Why use a drink driving specialist?
Criminal law covers a vast amount of different offences. Such is the complexity of Motoring law, and particularly drink driving, that it is regarded by solicitors and barristers as a specialist area all on its own.

Having been involved exclusively in motoring law for the last 10 years, Managing Director Matthew Miller is one of the most experienced solicitors in drink driving throughout England and Wales.