Figures from road safety charity Brake indicate that, if you’ve been caught speeding in a built-up area and you’re under the age of 25, it could be your attitudes towards the speed limit that have let you down.

It’s easy to blame any infringements on a lack of driving experience, but the charity’s recent research suggests otherwise, indicating that many young people increase their chance of needing a speeding lawyer knowingly.

Over half (52%) of 17 to 24-year-olds surveyed by Brake admitted to travelling at 35mph or more in a 30mph zone on a weekly basis.

Among older drivers, this figure dropped to 34% – suggesting that, while half of younger motorists are at a consistent risk of being caught speeding, just a third of their more experienced counterparts are likely to need a speeding lawyer over the same period of time.

Brake’s senior campaigns officer Ellen Booth says: “Don’t fool yourself that you can ‘handle’ faster speeds; slowing down to 20mph or less around schools and homes is essential in giving yourself time to react.”

Her comments reinforce the notion that, while street signs dictate the legal upper speed limit on any given road, the weather, time of day and other such conditions can make a lower speed a sensible maximum to ensure safety at the time