Did you know that every year, around a quarter of a million drivers are banned from driving? This is normally the result of motoring offences such as speeding, drink driving or driving without insurance. If you are guilty of committing a motoring offence – or if you feel you are innocent but have been accused of one – you are likely to be able to benefit from the services of motoring solicitors.

The job of motoring solicitors is to look at your specific motoring offence and help you work out the best course of action. In some cases, for instance, the best thing you could do might be to hold your hands up and admit what you have done. In other cases, your motoring solicitors might be able to help you avoid a penalty for the offence altogether.

In the first instance, an expert road traffic lawyer will be able to tell you if there is a good chance of successfully defending the allegation.

If you decide to plead guilty to the offence, the Magistrates have a very wide discretion when it comes to deciding the penalty to be imposed. For example, speeding offences can carry anything from 3-6 points or a disqualification of anything from between 7 to 56 days. The services of an expert motoring solicitor will give you the best chance of obtaining the best possible outcome to your case.