Last year, after being charged with Drink Driving, I found myself in a perilous position that the loss of my driving licence had absolutely dire consequences for my career. To say that it was a frightening position to be in was an understatement. After tossing and turning, and running around in circles in a pure panic on how to even comprehend any defence of the charges against me, I contacted solicitors and finally found a voice of reason and solid, honest advice on how to overcome my predicament. Whilst I am a solid law abiding citizen, the extraordinary powers grated to the authorities in motoring situations seem to mean that you are almost guilty without trial and the situation can seem hopeless. Hilary Kenway & Gilbert Barnatt through their sheer hard work, infallible experience and understanding of motoring law, were able to analyse my charge sheet and identify that the Police had failed to follow procedure in taking breathe samples and consequently all charges were dropped. I am eternally grateful for the second chance and lifeline provided by Hilary Kenway & Gilbert Barnatt. Every phone call was met with a friendly voice and the level of support that one rarely finds outside family and friends!! I owe them so much and would recommend Motoring Offence Lawyers in a heartbeat to anyone confused and frightened by the complexities of Motoring Law.

Cecilia, June 2011
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