Offers of speed awareness courses as an alternative to penalty points have become more widespread in recent years.

Courses have to meet a national specification and are provided by Local Authorities and private companies who are members of the Association of National Driver Improvement Service Providers (ANDISP).When ANDISP was introduced in 2006, courses were offered when the level of speed was not more than 10% + 6 miles over the speed limit. In a 70 mph the speed awareness course could be offered up to 83mph but this level has risen to 86mph. BUT (and it’s a big BUT) the criteria for eligibility to attend courses state you can only accept one speed awareness course in three years and they are not offered automatically. Speed awareness courses are rarely offered to those who have more than 3 points on their driving licence.

When Motoring Offence Lawyers have an enquiry from a driver who has been offered a speed awareness course, or indeed any course offered as an alternative to prosecution by the police our immediate response is “bite their hands off”. Accept the course and get it booked and completed as soon as possible. Make sure you arrive on time as we have heard of drivers arriving only a few minutes late and being refused entry to the course even though it had been paid for!

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