The services of a professional speeding lawyer could come in particularly useful for the 36.9% of motorists who claim they only break the limit when it’s safe to do so.

According to figures from MoneySupermarket, more than a third of drivers put the pedal to the metal when they think it’s not dangerous to do so, and 7.7% will edge beyond the legal limit if they’re confident they won’t get caught speeding.

Nearly a fifth – 19.2% of those surveyed – contain their speeding to the motorway, but with CCTV cameras on many major roads, there’s no guarantee that you won’t be caught speeding here either.

Even those who don’t generally speed are at a slight risk of needing a speeding lawyer, as 11.1% say they have to restrain themselves from edging over the limit, and 15.2% are simply put off by the possible fine and points on their licence.

Only 7.3% consider speeding to be dangerous, or are put off purely on the basis that it is illegal to go faster than the limit, and 2.5% of those surveyed don’t speed because they don’t drive at all.

“British motorists are really putting the pedal to the metal,” says MoneySupermarket’s car insurance expert Peter Harrison. “Our poll speaks volumes about people’s need for speed.”