Have you received a court summons for a motoring offence?

Established in 2011, Kenway Miller Solicitors are specialists in representing people who have received a court summons for a motoring offence. Since 2012, over 200 of our clients have had their cases dismissed after receiving a summons to Court or being charged.

We have helped save many motorists from disqualification for repeat offences on the grounds of exceptional hardship.

The advice of a specialist solicitor before your hearing could save you from receiving penalty points or even be the difference between losing and keeping your driving licence. In the long run this will save you time, stress and money.

After your free initial no obligation consultation we will provide you with a fixed fee quote to defend your motoring offence should representation be necessary.

If you have not yet received a summons to Court or been charged but are concerned about penalty points or being prosecuted in the future, feel free to contact our office at any time to see if we may be able to help.

After you have completed the contact form below, one of our team will call you and you will be put through to a solicitor for a consultation. If you would prefer to call us directly please call the freephone number above to be put through to a specialist motoring solicitor.