Whether you are accused of a relatively minor traffic offence such as driving with a broken headlight or without wearing your seatbelt, or a more serious one such as dangerous driving, drink driving or failing to provide a specimen for analysis, it is always a good idea to speak to a traffic offence solicitor.

Specialist advice on your case

One good reason to instruct a traffic offence solicitor is that they will be able to offer specialist advice on your case, which can be especially useful in areas where the law is complicated.

Impartial legal perspective

A traffic offence solicitor will also be able to offer an impartial legal perspective on your case, advising on your best course of action. In some cases for instance, it might be best to plead guilty whilst in others there might be a good chance of the charges being dropped.

Ensuring that the process is fair

Something else a traffic offence solicitor will be able to do is make sure your case is handled fairly. In our experience, the prosecution is more likely to try to cut corners when it comes to proving the technical side of the case where the person in court is unrepresented. We also find that people who are not represented receive harsher penalties than those who have a solicitor on their side. Punishments for traffic offences vary but a traffic offence solicitor can ensure that the process is fair.

Courts prefer people to be represented as solicitors understand the process. This results in cases being handled more quickly and efficiently.

Free initial advice

However minor or serious the traffic offence is we offer an initial assessment of your case over the phone and, if necessary, an e-mail confirming the options available to you, completely free of charge. So if you are not sure about your situation you can speak to a specialist solicitor within minutes who will try to resolve your problem and put your mind at rest.