“What impressed me initially was that my call was answered late on a Saturday evening – I was expecting an answering service. I was given the advice I needed immediately and this remained consistent throughout the whole case. The charge against me was dismissed following legal argument. I could not be more satisfied with the service I have received from Kenway Miller Solicitors.”

L Mohammed, Hertfordshire Magistrates Court

Mr Mohammed, a salesman, had been charged with permitting the use of his vehicle without insurance, an offence that carries 6-8 points on conviction and potential disqualification from driving. This came about after he had nominated a driver from abroad in response to a request for identification of the driver under s172 Road Traffic Act 1988. The police had then asked under what circumstances the nominated driver had been driving but failed to caution him before doing so or explain that his responses would be used as evidence. Mr Mohammed’s responses to the written questions put to him by the police were excluded due to the unfairness caused by the approach taken by the police. The case was therefore dismissed due to a lack of admissible evidence.