If you have been disqualified for two years or more, you may apply for early removal disqualification by applying to the Magistrates’ Court.

You may only lodge the application after two years of the disqualification have been served. When considering the application the Court does not generally have regard to a specific set of criteria. The Court will have to be satisfied that there is a compelling reason for the disqualification to end early such as a change of personal circumstances or offer of employment and that there is little or no danger of re-offending. If you have committed multiple offences within a short space of time it may be difficult to persuade a Court to give you your licence back before the full period of disqualification has been served.

If you have already made an application to reduce your ban and it was refused, you may not make another application for another 3 months from the date of the hearing of the application.

As in all other cases, the quality of your representation is vital to your chances of being successful.