Along with speeding, failure to comply with traffic signals is one of the most commonly prosecuted offences. It will normally result in a fixed penalty of 3 points and a £60 fine being offered. However, the offence can carry a discretionary disqualification in more serious cases (for example, where a traffic light has been red for some time at the point that the vehicle goes through it). Therefore, as with any other offence, legal advice is necessary at an early stage to ensure that the risk of a more serious penalty can be avoided.

Typically, an allegation will be based on a police officer’s word that an offence has been committed. In such cases, where it is a question of one person’s word against the other, it is important to bear in mind the Magistrates do not need to be satisfied that the officer is mistaken in order to dismiss the case but simply that there is sufficient doubt in order that they are not sure.