A seventh of Britons aged over 50 could be at particular risk of needing drink driving lawyers, as research from Saga reveals that 14% drink more than the recommended safe limit of units per week.

The one in seven who exceed 21 units – the recommended weekly limit for men – are not alone, as the average consumption among all over-50s is 9.5 units per week.

Men are much more likely to indulge, averaging 11.7 units to the women’s 4.7, while many also overeat and smoke.

But aside from the direct health impacts, there’s also the risk of needing drink driving lawyers to defend any claim of having committed a driving offence.

For those who consume the highest number of units, there’s an added risk of still being over the limit the following morning – a common place where many motorists come unstuck without expecting it.

And while the over-50s often benefit from lower car insurance premiums due to their no-claims bonuses and years of experience, any conviction for a driving offence is likely to overturn those savings.