New driving laws on mobile phone use on the road explained

Tough new legislation on mobile phone use in cars is set to be introduced in spring 2020. Holding a phone while driving for “interactive communication”, namely to make calls or write and send text messages has been an endorsable offence (one which carries penalty points) since 2006. Recommendations issued by the Department of Transport, expected… Read more »

How to Avoid a Car Hire Horror Story Abroad

Hiring a Car Abroad – it should be easy enough, but sometimes things can go wrong as you can end up seriously out of pocket. However, following the advice below should help you get the best deal available whilst avoiding any unwanted extra charges. Share this Image On Your Site <p><strong>Please include attribution to with this graphic.</strong></p>… Read more »

Does your child need a car seat in a taxi?

This is the question which has been foremost in my mind on the odd occasion that I’ve hired a taxi with my 3-year-old, usually to the airport and back. At worst it feels totally illegal or at least as if we’re being negligent parents but where does the liability lie? Surely a taxi cannot be exempt… Read more »

Scotland Has The Best Learner Drivers But Where Does Your Region Sit?

We’ve all been there at some point in our lives, and everyday we see dozens of learner drivers slowly chugging along trying to get to grips with the road. But it turns out some UK regions have a knack of breeding better learners than others. After hearing about nightmare test routes and complex junctions we… Read more »

Pollution & Motoring: How Green is Your City’s Driving

Pollution and the environment are forever at the forefront of the news. There’s also no escaping the fact that, for the vast majority of us, we rely on our cars. Whether that be to run the kids to school, pick up the shopping, or commute to work, we need to get around. However, there is… Read more »