Caught speeding at 18mph- Motoring Offence Lawyers News

Caught speeding and charged,The case of the taxi driver, Andrew Constantine, represented by the team here at Motoring Offence Lawyers, was widely reported in the media last week. To read some of the reports about the case click on the below links…   Mr Constantine’s speeding case was unusual as he received a summons… Read more »

Doubts raised over M42 fixed camera speeding prosecutions

Earlier this week here at Motoring Offence Lawyers we were notified of an issue that could affect many speeding prosecutions detected by fixed cameras on the variable speed limits between the M42/M6 toll road. Our understanding is that all speeding prosecutions on the variable speed limits have been suspended whilst the police investigate these issues and a decision… Read more »

‘Safe speeders’ could use speeding lawyer services

The services of a professional speeding lawyer could come in particularly useful for the 36.9% of motorists who claim they only break the limit when it’s safe to do so. According to figures from MoneySupermarket, more than a third of drivers put the pedal to the metal when they think it’s not dangerous to do… Read more »

Motorists ‘don’t know where to start’ when caught speeding

Many motorists caught speeding simply don’t know how to challenge their penalty, according to a survey from Saga Motor Insurance. The insurer looked at several different kinds of driving offences, and found that while many people believe they were unfairly charged with an offence, a large percentage do not challenge their tickets. Two in five… Read more »

Middle-class names ‘more likely to be caught speeding’

New research suggests that you’re more likely to be caught speeding if you’re middle class.. According to women’s car insurance specialist Diamond, traditionally middle-class names rank higher on the list of those most frequently caught speeding. This is true for both men and women – with Rupert and Juliet the worst offenders overall. Julian, Piers… Read more »