Speeding tickets explained

Unfortunately they’re is no magic formula to tell you ‘how to get off a speeding ticket’. A speeding ticket can be one of two things. If a vehicle alleged to have been speeding is stopped by the police at the time of the offence, a conditional offer of a fixed penalty of 3 points and… Read more »

Speeding Solicitors – Beware Roads With No Speed Limit Signage

As a specialist firm of speeding solicitors, I regularly receive calls from people who are alleged to have committed speeding offences where they have made genuine mistakes as to the speed limit in force at the time. This seems to be particularly common in 30mph limits which are known as restricted roads. One such example… Read more »

Speeding Offence Lawyers – What is a Speed Awareness Course?

If you have recently received a Notice of Intended Prosecution for a minor speeding offence and have admitted to being the driver, you may be offered a speed awareness course as an alternative to a fixed penalty summons or Court requisition. Courses are only offered where the speed is not more than 10 % + 9mph… Read more »

Caught speeding at 18mph- Motoring Offence Lawyers News

Caught speeding and charged,The case of the taxi driver, Andrew Constantine, represented by the team here at Motoring Offence Lawyers, was widely reported in the media last week. To read some of the reports about the case click on the below links…   http://swns.com/news/taxi-driver-speeding-ticket-camera-misfired-18mph-30817/ http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-norfolk-21264281   Mr Constantine’s speeding case was unusual as he received a summons… Read more »

Doubts raised over M42 fixed camera speeding prosecutions

Earlier this week here at Motoring Offence Lawyers we were notified of an issue that could affect many speeding prosecutions detected by fixed cameras on the variable speed limits between the M42/M6 toll road. Our understanding is that all speeding prosecutions on the variable speed limits have been suspended whilst the police investigate these issues and a decision… Read more »