Reasons for Using a Traffic Offence Solicitor

Whether you are accused of a relatively minor traffic offence such as driving with a broken headlight or without wearing your seatbelt, or a more serious one such as dangerous driving, drink driving or failing to provide a specimen for analysis, it is always a good idea to speak to a traffic offence solicitor. Specialist… Read more »

The role of motoring offence solicitors

Did you know that every year, around a quarter of a million drivers are banned from driving? This is normally the result of motoring offences such as speeding, drink driving or driving without insurance. If you are guilty of committing a motoring offence – or if you feel you are innocent but have been accused… Read more »

Drink Drive Survey Produces Interesting Results

A recent survey of Londoners, carried out by YouGov, found that 30% have admitted to drinking and driving. That figure doesn’t tell us how much those people had drunk before they got behind the wheel, but it’s interesting to note that 10% considered themselves to be safe to drink after three or more alcoholic drinks…. Read more »

Driving Offence Penalties

Everyone knows that if they commit a driving offence, there will most likely be some form of penalty for it. What isn’t always clear, however, is exactly what that penalty will be on conviction. If you’re ever in doubt, it’s always a good idea to speak to a traffic offence solicitor to get some advice,… Read more »

Speed Awareness Courses on the increase

Offers of speed awareness courses as an alternative to penalty points have become more widespread in recent years. Courses have to meet a national specification and are provided by Local Authorities and private companies who are members of the Association of National Driver Improvement Service Providers (ANDISP).When ANDISP was introduced in 2006, courses were offered… Read more »