Driving without insurance ‘cut by on-the-road policing’

Driving without insurance is now much less prevalent than in recent years, thanks to on-the-road efforts to improve policing and crack down on those who flout the law. The Motor Insurers’ Bureau reports that the latest data, from mid-2010, shows 125,000 uninsured young drivers – down from twice that figure in 2008.

Tougher sentences for driving without insurance?

Lincoln MP Karl McCartney has proposed a series of measures to impose tougher sentences on those found to be driving without insurance. He recommends a tax-disc style window sticker to prove that a vehicle is insured, automatic driving bans of one year for a first offence and five years subsequently, and fines of at least… Read more »

Summonsed to Court for driving offence? what you need to know

A summons – a requirement to attend court and stand before a magistrate or judge – is generally reserved for more serious motoring offences than those dealt with by a fixed penalty notice. A driver will only receive a court summons once it has been established that they were driving the vehicle at the time… Read more »

Winter motorists at risk of driving without insurance

Well-intentioned motorists risk driving without insurance this winter if they modify their vehicles without informing their insurance provider. The Association of British Insurers has told drivers that reasonable safeguards – such as fitting winter tyres to a private vehicle – should not incur a premium among its member insurers. However, doing so without informing the… Read more »

Don’t ignore that NIP and request for driver details

It is never a good idea to ignore a notice of intended prosecution and request for driver details in relation to a speeding or other motoring offence.   Before 2007, the penalty for failure to provide details was 3 points. This meant that if your vehicle had been caught travelling on a fixed camera travelling… Read more »