Use of phones whilst driving on the increase

Research conducted by the RAC has shown the number of young drivers using their smart phones whilst driving has risen by 50% in the last year. We often receive enquiries from people who have been stopped by the police for using a handheld device whilst driving even though they were not actually using their phone to make a… Read more »

Diamond Jubilee could result in speeding tickets being cancelled

The law requires that, in relation to minor road traffic offences such as speeding, a notice of intended prosecution must be provided at the time of the offence or received by the driver or registered keeper of the vehicle by post within 14 days.   Due to the extra bank holiday for the Queen’s diamond… Read more »

Motoring lawyers can help with hayfever-related claims

Our motoring lawyers are preparing to face a seasonal surge in cases relating to hayfever – whether that leads to an actual accident, or simply causes you to be caught speeding. Hayfever is a significant concern for many motorists, as it can prove to be a major distraction on long drives. Sneezing obviously can cause… Read more »

Drug driving offence to be introduced by new legislation

The Government plans to make a new offence of drug driving under new legislation announced as part of the Queens speech. Under the law as it stands it is an offence to drive whilst under the influence of drugs, whether illegal or legal. As part of this offence, the prosecution must prove not only the… Read more »

Local price hikes leave Manchester women at risk of driving without insurance

Manchester’s female motorists could be more tempted than ever to risk driving without insurance, as figures from reveal a 4.7% price rise for 21 to 25-year-old women drivers in the city in the past year. This compares with a 3% fall nationwide, and a rise for male drivers of 3.6% over the same period… Read more »