Flood damage leaves motorists at greater risk of driving offences

You could be at greater risk of committing several common driving offences if you buy a second-hand car without realising it was damaged in the recent flooding. According to the AA, the estimated insurance cost of the recent floods in vehicle damage alone is likely to be around £14 million. But many owners may choose… Read more »

EU vehicle safety measures could help reduce driving offences

The number of some driving offences committed by motorists across the EU could drop as a result of newly introduced safety measures for vehicles manufactured in Europe. Officially introduced on November 1st, the measures incorporate several different means of ensuring driver and passenger safety. Among them are steps which could make drivers less likely to… Read more »

Babies on board could lead to driving offences

A ‘baby on board’ sign might seem like a good safety precaution if you have young passengers, but you should be careful that your attempt to improve your road safety does not lead to you committing other driving offences. For instance, the Highway Code stresses that the windscreen must be clear of all obstructions, to… Read more »