Drink Driving Lawyers partnership with Addictions Treatment Service Red Chair

A Manchester based firm of solicitors is going the extra mile to help potential alcoholics into recovery. Matthew Miller is the owner of Motoring Offence Lawyers and he is assisted by Hilary Kenway. They are both committed to helping clients into recovery at a point of legal crisis. Over the past five years the solicitors… Read more »

Careless Driving and Dangerous Driving – Winter Weather Warning

It’s that time of year again and whilst we’ve only had a few frosty mornings so far, the icy roads and hazardous driving conditions are never far away. As specialist driving lawyers, we have had numerous cases involving drivers who have lost control of their vehicles due to ice or other substances on the road…. Read more »

Motoring Offence Loopholes

There are some common misconceptions about so called “loopholes” within the law surrounding motoring offences such as speeding and drink driving. Minor factual discrepancies such as a slight spelling mistake on a fixed penalty ticket or charge sheet or a police officer recording a digit from a registration plate incorrectly are very common. Unfortunately, they… Read more »

Driving Offence Lawyers – Help With a Conviction in Absence

Magistrates’ Courts in England and Wales process around half a million charges for motoring offences every year. This makes up about a quarter of its entire workload. Due to the unprecedented volume of motoring convictions recorded by the Courts it is inevitable that a certain percentage of them will be recorded in the motorists’ absence…. Read more »

Driving Offence Solicitors – Laws Surrounding New Drivers

Passing a driving test is an exciting time for most people. However unlike the rest of the driving population, new drivers are subject to more stringent rules as regards their driving licence which could result in them needing the help of driving offence solicitors. If you are driving on a provisional licence and are convicted… Read more »