Lower The Drink Driving Limit ? Motor offences lawyers view

The video below is from the TV programme, ‘Grey Matters’. Matthew Miller, Managing Director of Motoring Offence Lawyers was on the show to talk about proposals to lower the drink driving limit. Drink driving is against the law but different countries have varying limits on what is allowed. Watch the following video to see what… Read more »

Drink Driving – FAQs

Our experience as drink driving lawyers is that the majority of people charged with the offence have never been in a similar situation before and therefore do not know what to expect and do not know what happens in court for drink driving offences. We have drawn up some frequently asked questions and answers below…. Read more »

Employed people may be more likely to need drink driving lawyers

Drink driving lawyers could be needed more by those in employment than by the unemployed, according to new research carried out at the Karolinska Institutet in Sweden. Dr Mona C Backhans looked at the links between binge drinking and unemployment, and in particular which is the cause, and which the effect. She found that heavy… Read more »

One in seven over-50s could need drink driving lawyers

A seventh of Britons aged over 50 could be at particular risk of needing drink driving lawyers, as research from Saga reveals that 14% drink more than the recommended safe limit of units per week. The one in seven who exceed 21 units – the recommended weekly limit for men – are not alone, as… Read more »

Drink driving ban leads to 150% car insurance premium hike

If a drink driving ban alone wasn’t bad enough, new figures from MoneySupermarket show how those convicted of the offence face a choice between driving without insurance, or paying a 150% higher premium for their next year’s cover. For men, the average rise in car insurance premiums following a drink driving ban is 149%, from… Read more »