Drink Driving Lawyers partnership with Addictions Treatment Service Red Chair

A Manchester based firm of solicitors is going the extra mile to help potential alcoholics into recovery. Matthew Miller is the owner of Motoring Offence Lawyers and he is assisted by Hilary Kenway. They are both committed to helping clients into recovery at a point of legal crisis. Over the past five years the solicitors… Read more »

Is Legal Aid available for drink driving in England?

Legal Aid entitlement, especially for drink driving, has been steadily reduced across England and Wales over the last ten years and is now only available in a small number of cases.

Drink Driving – FAQs

Our experience as drink driving lawyers is that the majority of people charged with the offence have never been in a similar situation before and therefore do not know what to expect and do not know what happens in court for drink driving offences. We have drawn up some frequently asked questions and answers below…. Read more »

How can Motoring Offence Lawyers help with a drink driving charge?

For many people, being accused of drink driving will be the first time they have ever been in trouble with the law or have to attend a Magistrates Court for a motoring offence. As specialist drink driving lawyers in this sometimes complex area of the law, we will be here to help and reassure you… Read more »

Motorists may have more need of drink driving lawyers as govt cracks down

A government crackdown on motorists who are over the legal alcohol limit could leave many drivers in greater need of drink driving lawyers in the years to come. Road safety minister Stephen Hammond has announced a range of measures intended to increase the number of drivers who are taken off the roads if they exceed… Read more »