Pollution & Motoring: How Green is Your City’s Driving

Pollution and the environment are forever at the forefront of the news. There’s also no escaping the fact that, for the vast majority of us, we rely on our cars. Whether that be to run the kids to school, pick up the shopping, or commute to work, we need to get around. However, there is… Read more »

Does your child need a car seat in a taxi?

This is the question which has been foremost in my mind on the odd occasion that I’ve hired a taxi with my 3-year-old, usually to the airport and back. At worst it feels totally illegal or at least as if we’re being negligent parents but where does the liability lie? Surely a taxi cannot be exempt… Read more »

What to do if you’re being charged with drink driving

If you find yourself being stopped by the police and you are likely to be charged for drink driving then it can be a very stressful and anxious time for yourself and your family. The ramifications of being charged can be serious. You could be fined and given a criminal record or you might face… Read more »

Drink driving charges – 6 key questions answered

Drink driving laws and how they could affect you if you are to be charged for the offence of being over the limit while driving can be complex. Here are 6 commonly-asked questions answered on the subject. Q – What is the legal limit alcohol limit for drivers? A – The legal limits for alcohol… Read more »

Drink driving charges and your defence – 5 key issues

Being accused of drink driving and facing legal proceedings to that effect can be very stressful indeed for individuals and for their families. We at Kenway Miller Solicitors have some of the most experienced drink driving lawyers in England on our team and we can support you through what can be an extremely testing process…. Read more »