A government crackdown on motorists who are over the legal alcohol limit could leave many drivers in greater need of drink driving lawyers in the years to come.

Road safety minister Stephen Hammond has announced a range of measures intended to increase the number of drivers who are taken off the roads if they exceed the acceptable alcohol limit.

They include plans to close the current loophole that allows motorists to demand a blood test for borderline-positive roadside results.

By the time the blood test can be carried out, many people have sobered up enough to be under the legal limit – and the government plans to prevent this delay from helping people to escape a charge.

The plans could also allow roadside breath tests – which are currently only a preliminary measure – to be used as direct evidence, removing the need for further testing at a police station.

All of the measures are aimed at decreasing motorists’ ability to argue their case at the roadside, and are likely to lead to more prosecutions – something our drink driving lawyers are prepared to handle as the regulations come into force.