Many motorists caught speeding simply don’t know how to challenge their penalty, according to a survey from Saga Motor Insurance.

The insurer looked at several different kinds of driving offences, and found that while many people believe they were unfairly charged with an offence, a large percentage do not challenge their tickets.

Two in five of all motorists do not complain, even if they feel unfairly treated – women primarily do not know how, whereas men most commonly want to avoid incurring any further costs.

However, with 9% of women over the age of 50 and 16% of men of the same age feeling their speeding fine was wrongly imposed, many could be missing out on the opportunity to successfully defend their case.

Motoring solicitors can help you to determine whether you’re likely to succeed when launching the defence of a traffic offence.

And among our motoring solicitors, we can provide you with a specialist speeding lawyer who not only understands the law relating to speeding offences, but also knows which forms of defence are most likely to work.