I telephoned Matthew Miller on a Sunday evening after reading a blog about the good advice that he had given to somebody else. Matthew identified a technical flaw regarding my part of the blood sample having not been provided to me – this had not been identified by any of the other solicitors that I had spoken to, also Matthew emailed me an extract of the relevant road traffic law. I asked Matthew if he would represent me and he accepted my instruction. Matthew's advice throughout the case was always comprehensive, and he supplied extracts of the law where appropriate. On the day of the trial Matthew was spectacular, he strongly argued the case against an adjournment application being allowed for the Prosecution to address an issue in the case, and he cited a number of preceding cases when an adjournment had not been allowed. The Magistrates refused the Prosecution application for an adjournment and dismissed the case before the actual trial commenced. Matthew gave an honest appraisal at all times of my case and did not make any false promises. I definitely made the right choice in Matthew to represent me and would whole heartedly recommend Matthew. Also thanks go to Hilary Kenway who always dealt with my telephone calls professionally and promptly.

Mr A Singh

Matthew’s skeleton argument was excellent and by the time we arrived at Court it clearly had already done the trick, as the prosecution admitted they could not find any dated evidence that the summons was issued in time and as such the judge dismissed the case. I can not thank them enough for their help throughout this ordeal -( just wish I’d had divorce lawyers who were as competent as Kenway Miller!!!)

R S, October 2015

The difference to my life of avoiding conviction and keeping my licence is unimaginable. Kenway Miller Solicitors were always available and did what was best for the case, I know if I ever need help again (which I hope not) I'll know who to contact and will also refer if I know of anyone else in similar difficulties.

Mr R, September 2015

Kenway Miller Solicitors were extremely professional and kept me informed at all times. The result they achieved was beyond my expectations. They had a clear plan and on the day of the trial it was executed to perfection.

Richard M, July 2015

What impressed me initially was that my call was answered late on a Saturday evening – I was expecting an answering service. I was given the advice I needed immediately and this remained consistent throughout the whole case. The charge against me was dismissed following legal argument. I could not be more satisfied with the service I have received from Kenway Miller Solicitors.

Mohammed L, May 2015

I would like to say how impressed i was with everybody involved and especially Matthew. They were all very professional and reassuring during the trial.

Myself and family have been under a lot of stress and worry during the past year, and are all now very pleased to be able to get on with our lives and put this last year behind us.

I am so grateful for what Kenway Miller have been able to do for us.

Garry B, March 2015

I am so grateful for what Kenway Miller has done for me in having my speeding charge dismissed. I am still a little bit confused as to how Matthew managed to do it but nevertheless very happy. I wish I had contacted you sooner!

John W, February 2015

Just wanted to say Thank You for your efforts on David’s (and my) behalf we are mighty glad he has held onto his licence, makes life very much easier. Getting up at 4 am four mornings a week really gets much harder when you aren’t 18 years old. Please pass my thanks onto Hilary as well for her infinite patience with a semi-hysterical mother.

Lesley F, January 2015

We chose Kenway Miller because they appeared supportive and interested, whereas many other firms seemed dismissive. Many motoring offenses are “a done deal, get on with your life”. Apparently!

Matthew and Hilary were incredibly supportive throughout my case, keeping my spirits up and pointing to the facts and justice system – giving belief and hope when it seemed others were hell bent to put the boot in regardless of the facts. From initial contact to a happy conclusion, they were extremely respectful, courteous, professional and reliable.

They ensured the right representation was provided at the right time, so billing and charges were transparent and consistent. The team provided was first class throughout, the right person at the right stage. All of them passionate about what they do and who they were representing.

Regardless of the outcome I would have been 100% happy with the quality of service and whole experience of dealing with M. O. L. Thankfully, they helped achieve us a positive result and we will be forever grateful.

Mr Stewart

I would, and have been heartily recommending Motoring Offence Lawyers to any, and all motorists.

From the first moment I spoke to Hilary, and throughout the entire 11 month process of my case, both herself and Mathew Miller were colossal in their support and professionalism.

It was refreshing to have encountered a company that genuinely cares, and I cannot thank them enough for their assistance in helping me overcome an intended prosecution that should never have gone to court.

Mr Constantine

I originally chose to instruct Motoring Offence Lawyers after speaking with Hillary on the phone as she gave me a lot of support when I needed it and helped me to believe I had a case when I didn’t quite know what to do.

To somebody who is thinking about instructing Motoring Offence Lawyers for their case, I would, I found them to be very professional and they gave me a great deal of help through to the end. They dealt with all the pressure and attended most court cases without me even having to be there, allowing me to continue with my work, right through to the end where I had a great result in court. Very pleased with the service I got throughout the whole case.

Mr Collins,April 2013

I just wanted to thank you personally and say how delighted I was with the service I received from Motoring Offence Lawyers. Considering the situation and how worrying it was for me , I can sincerely say I felt an enormous pressure lifted from me as a result of the way you handled my case. Of course the legal representation I received was second to none and I felt complete faith in my representation at the courts were the outcome was very very positive and can now happily move on with my life.

Once again I am truly grateful for all the support you personally , and mol gave me and will be forever in gratitude for what you did for me.

Thank You.

Mr J McCabe, September 2012

I cannot thank you enough, Hilary, for all you have done. I hope I never have to recommend a solicitor to anyone for motoring offences but if I ever do you will be the first firm I recommend.

Matthew W, Solihull

Thank you for your professional service and support during this period. I will have no hesitation to recommend Motoring Offence Lawyers to any friends / contacts should they arrive in an unfortunate position in the future.

Jon C, Yorkshire

Hilary Kenway and Gilbert Barnatt acted on my behalf in what was a complicated drink driving case. Hilary and Gilbert provided outstanding advice and support in navigating a way through an often chaotic criminal justice system. Hilary is tireless and did a superb job in handling the process from start to finish, including providing excellent initial advice, arranging the preparation of a legal argument to the charge, organisation of multiple hearings and eventually, upon success, reclaiming much of the costs incurred. Gilbert drew upon his unparalleled knowledge of the law in this area to build a complex but ultimately highly successful defence. Dealing with the police, CPS and courts system is not pleasant – in my experience having such high quality professionals fighting your corner is absolutely essential. I have no hesitation in recommending Motoring Offence Lawyers Ltd.

Paul G, London, June 2011

Last year, after being charged with Drink Driving, I found myself in a perilous position that the loss of my driving licence had absolutely dire consequences for my career. To say that it was a frightening position to be in was an understatement. After tossing and turning, and running around in circles in a pure panic on how to even comprehend any defence of the charges against me, I contacted solicitors and finally found a voice of reason and solid, honest advice on how to overcome my predicament. Whilst I am a solid law abiding citizen, the extraordinary powers grated to the authorities in motoring situations seem to mean that you are almost guilty without trial and the situation can seem hopeless. Hilary Kenway & Gilbert Barnatt through their sheer hard work, infallible experience and understanding of motoring law, were able to analyse my charge sheet and identify that the Police had failed to follow procedure in taking breathe samples and consequently all charges were dropped. I am eternally grateful for the second chance and lifeline provided by Hilary Kenway & Gilbert Barnatt. Every phone call was met with a friendly voice and the level of support that one rarely finds outside family and friends!! I owe them so much and would recommend Motoring Offence Lawyers in a heartbeat to anyone confused and frightened by the complexities of Motoring Law.

Cecilia, June 2011

During my bail for drink driving, I contacted Motoring Offence Lawyers after finding them online. My first contact was by phone. I spoke to a very lovely lady who reassured me that they would support me in every way during my case. The company did what they say on the tin! A truly professional, well organised, well informed company with no judgements, only the best advice and the support, even out of office hours. I couldn’t have been in better hands. If you find yourself with a motoring offence, contact them, the MOL are the “A” Team!

T.S. Kent, June 2011

When I contacted solicitors having been charged with an alcohol related driving offence my world was about to collapse. I was in a position where a custodial sentence was highly likely for a drink driving offence. From the moment Hilary Kenway picked up my call to the moment the charges against me were dropped, the service I received was outstanding.

In Hilary Kenway there is a manager who works tirelessly, understands exactly what you are going through and in her firm style and with absolute professionalism, she takes charge and takes the worry out of the situation. You can truly trust her handling, which is amazing considering she performs her duties remotely.

Gilbert Barnatt who handled my particular case is in my opinion possibly the most impressive person I have come across in the legal profession. When it comes to this field of law I would question if anyone is more qualified or professional or honest and straightforward. I would have no reservations in recommending this team to anyone seeking help in what can be a very difficult situation. Thank you for everything.

Anonymous, London, June 2011

Dear Hilary,

I’m just emailing to thank you again for the fantastic way you dealt with my application to have my license restored. I have to say that right up to the moment I heard the magistrate say that I could re-apply for my license, I didn’t quite believe it would work! Everything was dealt with so remarkably quickly and efficiently, you always dealt with all my queries, and Mr Barnett was amazing, and was very obviously both very knowledgeable and very experienced. You couldn’t have sent a better person to represent me in court. Many. many thanks, as I’ll now not have to worry about how I’ll do my job. I wish you all the success in the world, and will be recommending you to everyone I meet.

Usman, June 2011

Hi Hilary,
Just want to say thanks for all the help that you gave me. I think you must have heard the result of the hearing. I am very pleased.
Thanks again for your help.

YY, June 2011

Dear Matthew and Hilary
I would like to express my greatest thanks and gratitude for everything you did to help me with my case which started in January 2011 and continued through to May 2011.
I cannot express how thankful I am to you both for the support you gave me, you were there for me every step of the way. I could not have gone through this without you both being there to keep me on the right track as I was at a very low point in my life. The support you gave me was incredible.
Your professionalism is second to none but most importantly was the care and support you showed me throughout this ordeal.
I would also like to thank Paul for all his support, I would never have known what to do or where to start if he wasn’t there holding my hand, he helped me find the best help out there as he lead me to you both. He was a rock for me and I will never forget what he did.
I would never have pulled through this ordeal without everyone involved in my case.
I would recommend your company to anyone who has any motoring problems as I can assure you that Hilary and Matthew will do their best to help. I cannot thank you enough
Ps. Hilary you are one in a million and how you care so much is a special quality.
Forever grateful

Tracey S, May 2011