Caught speeding and charged,The case of the taxi driver, Andrew Constantine, represented by the team here at Motoring Offence Lawyers, was widely reported in the media last week. To read some of the reports about the case click on the below links…


Mr Constantine’s speeding case was unusual as he received a summons for travelling at 50mph in a 30mph limit when he was actually travelling less than 18mph.


He contacted us after he had been summonsed with speeding and we were provided with the photographs of his vehicle taken by the yellow box GATSO speed camera which is the most common type on the roads.


The speed camera takes two photographs of the vehicle, taken half a second apart, travelling between marks in the road. This is in order that the radar measurement can be checked. In this case the photographs showed that the reading from the RADAR was wrong. The police should have checked this before sending the summons for speeding to Mr Constantine.


If your vehicle is detected by a fixed camera device it is may be a good idea to ask for the photographs if you are not sure you committed the offence.


The error in the taxi driver’s speeding case went unnoticed by the police until our involvement. We could make a difference to your case too and our initial advice is free of charge. Call us on 0800 4334 678.