Our motoring lawyers are preparing to face a seasonal surge in cases relating to hayfever – whether that leads to an actual accident, or simply causes you to be caught speeding.

Hayfever is a significant concern for many motorists, as it can prove to be a major distraction on long drives.

Sneezing obviously can cause you to close your eyes for a fraction of a second, but severely allergic individuals can suffer prolonged bouts of sneezing – and if you step on the accelerator without realising it, you can soon find yourself caught speeding while sneezing.

Even if you’re not severely afflicted, puffy eyes and watery vision can reduce your peripheral perception and your ability to spot obstacles in the road.

According to figures from More Than Car Insurance, 700,000 British drivers are likely to have problems this summer, leading to them closing their eyes for a full minute over the course of a 45-minute drive.

The dangerous driving risks don’t end there – Janet Connor, managing director at More Than, warns that some antihistamines can have drowsy side effects, leading to slower reaction times and raising the risks still higher.

If you have suffered an accident or need a speeding lawyer due to an illness-related incident, speak to our motoring lawyers to find out whether your condition might be used in mitigation.