New research suggests that you’re more likely to be caught speeding if you’re middle class..

According to women’s car insurance specialist Diamond, traditionally middle-class names rank higher on the list of those most frequently caught speeding.

This is true for both men and women – with Rupert and Juliet the worst offenders overall.

Julian, Piers and Giles take the male runner-up positions, while for women, those called Susannah, Justine or Deirdre should probably keep an eye on their speed.

With several of the top-ten names for each gender traditionally used by the middle classes Diamond’s managing director Sian Lewis comments that “it interesting to see them feature highly”.

And while this kind of research is often published with tongue firmly in cheek, motoring offence lawyers can advise drivers of any background whether there are grounds for defending a speeding charge. Alternatively we can guide you through the process of ensuring that receive the lowest possible penalty for the offence.