Legal Aid entitlement, especially for drink driving, has been steadily reduced across England and Wales over the last ten years and is now only available in a small number of cases.

This is especially true for road traffic matters, such as drink driving and speeding. If you are being prosecuted for a traffic offence and are facing a heavy fine and/or the possibility of losing your driving licence or even going to prison then you need to consider finding a motoring solicitor to assist you. Without the possibility for most people to claim legal aid you need to find a solicitor that specialises in motoring offences and offers fixed fee arrangements.

Whilst it may seem to make sense from a financial perspective, it is often a false economy to “go it alone” in court after being charged or receiving a summons for a motoring offence. If you are in a situation where everyone else knows the rules and you do not then it stands to reason that you will not receive the best possible result. Having a good solicitor represent you in court means you are much more likely to receive a fair outcome. Motoring Offence Lawyers offers a free initial consultation and then fixed fees from £600 including VAT.

The free initial legal consultation will enable you to understand how good a case you have good specialist motoring solicitors should speak honestly to you to explain your chances, and what evidence may be required to progress with fighting the intended prosecution.

Using specialist solicitors can pay for themselves several times over when you look at the cost of :

  • going without a driving license for six months or more.
  • having to appeal your case when self-representation didn’t work
  • receiving a prison sentence

About Motoring Offence Lawyers Ltd:

Motoring Offence Lawyers Ltd. is a law firm specialising in drink driving, speeding, dangerous driving, and other traffic related offences. They are experts in motoring law and concentrate solely on defending people who have been prosecuted for motoring offences.

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