Winter brings with it plenty of challenging driving conditions, from ice to fog, which keep motoring solicitors busy when they cause crashes and collisions.

But research from breakdown specialist Green Flag suggests that many motorists might be adding to their risk of an accident during the winter.

According to figures published by the firm, 11% of British motorists do not plan to check their tyre tread unless they have a problem this winter – by which point it could be too late.

That’s an estimated 3.6 million people who could be harder for motoring solicitors to defend if a crash occurs, as adequate minimum tread depth is a legal requirement.

Even more motorists – 16% of those surveyed – do not plan to carry out any specific checks of their car’s lights, while 8% will not check their windscreen washer unless it develops a fault.

This is in spite of the fact that 30% of people, an estimated 9.8 million drivers across the UK, skidded on icy or wet roads last year.

If you were among them and are still driving on the same tyres, it may be time to check your tread depth – and avoid committing one of the most easily preventable driving offences by driving on bald tyres.