For many people, being accused of drink driving will be the first time they have ever been in trouble with the law or have to attend a Magistrates Court for a motoring offence. As specialist drink driving lawyers in this sometimes complex area of the law, we will be here to help and reassure you at every stage‚ of the Court process.

Drink Driving Lawyers

Firstly, we will advise you what penalty you could be facing if convicted of drink driving‚ the likely sentence will vary depending on the alcohol reading in blood, breath or urine and the circumstances of the incident that lead to your arrest. If you do have previous offences on your record, in most cases this will result in the sentence imposed being more severe.

How do I decide what plea I should enter?

The decision about what plea to enter is a personal one which can only be made by the person who has been charged with the offence. The role of a drink driving lawyer is to advise what defences may be available based on the circumstances of each individual case and whether they are likely to succeed.

How to find out if there may be a defence to the charge?

We appreciate that for anyone who is facing a drink driving charge and is reliant on their driving licence it will be a stressful and worrying time. People often want answers straight away. However, in order to advise in a responsible way, we will need to obtain and consider some of the evidence being relied upon by the prosecution. Asking a drink driving lawyer to advise you about a drink driving case without seeing the papers available is similar to asking a surgeon to perform an operation without examining his patient first.

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