Drink driving lawyers could be needed more by those in employment than by the unemployed, according to new research carried out at the Karolinska Institutet in Sweden.

Dr Mona C Backhans looked at the links between binge drinking and unemployment, and in particular which is the cause, and which the effect.

She found that heavy drinking typically precedes unemployment; however, there is much less evidence to suggest that the unemployed increase their alcohol intake, despite popular perceptions of such a link existing.

The causal link is even more pronounced among women, where those who drink to soothe away workplace stresses could be particularly likely to need drink driving lawyers.

“However, in times of distress, it is always wise to watch one’s alcohol intake, whether you are male or female,” says Dr Backhans.

This is not only a good idea for those who drive, in order to avoid committing driving offences; unemployment patterns linked with alcoholism could make it very difficult to find future jobs.

With many alcoholics exhibiting short periods of work and numerous changes of job, this can leave CVs looking unattractive when making future applications, Dr Backhans points out.