If a drink driving ban alone wasn’t bad enough, new figures from MoneySupermarket show how those convicted of the offence face a choice between driving without insurance, or paying a 150% higher premium for their next year’s cover.

For men, the average rise in car insurance premiums following a drink driving ban is 149%, from £472 to £1,175 for the typical driver; for women, the increase is slightly lower, at 133%.

These are on top of the sanctions already laid down on those caught drink driving, which can include a £5,000 fine, a 12-month ban, a large number of points added to your licence, and potentially even a stint in prison.

All of these leaves motorists at risk of driving without insurance, as the combined costs of a court fine and a car insurance increase put the affordability of running a car out of reach.

However, MoneySupermarket car insurance expert Peter Harrison argues that prevention is the best measure where drink driving is concerned.

“If you are intending raising a glass or two, it is essential to have travel arrangements in place to avoid getting behind the wheel,” he says.