A drink driving ban might be avoided if you are able to introduce “concrete alternatives” to a night on the town when you know you are going to need to drive.


Our drink driving solicitors frequently encounter cases where motorists have been caught drink driving the morning after a binge, as alcohol can take longer to fully metabolise away than many drivers realise.


While the assistance of professional drink driving solicitors is one way to help avoid a ban in such situations, there are also ways to prevent the issue from arising in the first place.


Current research in the US is looking into ways in which forward planning can take individuals out of situations where they might be tempted to overindulge – particularly in the case of young people.


For example, if a student makes plans to spend a Thursday evening studying with friends, they are less likely to go out to a nightclub instead.


This in turn could reduce the risk of driving while still intoxicated on the Friday morning, and avoid a drink driving ban and the potential to have to retake their driving test.


Dr Tim Bogg, assistant professor of psychology at Wayne State University, where the research is being carried out, says the goals of the study are not only to curtail alcohol consumption, but also “helping the person achieve those personal goals that relate to educational development and career aspirations”.