It’s that time of year again and whilst we’ve only had a few frosty mornings so far, the icy roads and hazardous driving conditions are never far away. As specialist driving lawyers, we have had numerous cases involving drivers who have lost control of their vehicles due to ice or other substances on the road. These can often lead to prosecutions for careless driving or dangerous driving.


If you are involved in an accident and believe the cause to be poor driving conditions, it may be a good idea to take photographs of the road shortly afterwards in order that they can be produced at Court at a later date if necessary. The resources available to the police are limited and often reserved for much more serious cases. These means that full investigation reports are not always carried out.


Where a driver is accused of careless driving and puts forward an explanation which is capable of absolving him from any blame for the accident, such as hazardous conditions or an unanticipated vehicle defect, the prosecution must disprove it in order to secure a conviction. However, our experience is that the police will often assume that the driver is at fault and a charge for careless driving often follows even where there may have been factors outside the driver’s control which contributed to the accident or collision.


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