Motoring Offence Appeals

Anyone who is aggrieved by a conviction or sentence imposed by a Magistrates Court in England and Wales has a right of appeal to the Crown Court.

An appeal to the Crown Court is a re-hearing which means that the Judge looks at the case afresh and hears all the evidence again before passing Judgement.

A notice of appeal to the Crown Court normally has to be lodged within 21 days of the decision of the Court which is being appealed against.


If the appeal is lodged after this period, an application for leave to appeal out of time must be made.

Appeals to the Administrative Court are generally lodged if the party lodging the appeal disagrees with the Court’s interpretation of the law and wishes the High Court to decide whether an error of law has been made.

Our lawyers have extensive experience of handling successful appeals both in the Crown Court and Administrative Court.

We are often instructed by motorists who may have decided against having legal representation in the Magistrates Court but are unhappy with the outcome of their case. Complete a contact form or call our office at any time should you wish to obtain advice about your case.